What Makes Us Different

“Experience the Difference”

When we say “Experience the Difference”, we mean it.  From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like family.  We have a personal relationship with our clients and make it our business to know your aspirations and dreams, so we can help you work towards them.   At Michael Wealth Management, relationships are the foundation of our business.  In order to maintain the high quality of service our clients have come to expect, we limit our number of new clients each year.  We ask ourselves the five following questions when considering acceptance of a new client:

  1. Can we bring value?
  2. Are their goals realistic?
  3. Do they exceed minimum net worth or account value requirements?
  4. Do we have chemistry with them?
  5. Are they willing to take our advice?

Many advisors take every new client that comes through the door because they are solely focused on their quota or how much money they can make.  At Michael Wealth Management we are solely focused on the “Difference” we can make.  Call us today so you can “Experience the Difference” and let us show you how we can add value to your life.